Child Custody and the Holiday Season

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The holidays are a special time to celebrate with loved ones. However, for children of divorce, it can be anxiety-inducing due to the uncertainty of child custody arrangements. If you have shared custody of your children with your ex, it can be emotional to hand your little ones over during the holidays. Though it may be sad, ensuring your ex-spouse gets the right amount of time with your children is essential. If you’re struggling to make arrangements and would like to learn more about child custody during the holiday season, a Suffolk County child custody lawyer from our firm can help.

What Are the Common Arrangements for Child Custody During the Holiday Season?

Creating holiday schedules can be challenging, as both parents likely want to spend time with their children. Luckily, there are plenty of options to accommodate the wants and needs of parents and children.

One standard arrangement for holidays parents choose is to alternate holidays each year. For example, one year, Parent A will have their children on Christmas, July 4th, and Black Friday, while Parent B will have custody on Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving, and Memorial Day. The following year, the parents will switch holidays.

Another option is to assign fixed holidays for each year. This can be a less stressful option, as you know that you will have Christmas Eve with your child every year while your ex has custody on Christmas Day.

Finally, you can choose to split time between each holiday, allowing both parents to see their children on the day of the holiday. However, this can be stressful as it requires transportation, meaning some of the children’s holiday will be spent on the road.

How to Make Scheduling Holidays Stress-Free

In order to avoid unnecessary stress or arguments during the holiday season, deciding the arrangement in advance is essential. This ensures you and your ex-spouse have ample time to prepare and schedule around time with your children.

Similarly, it guarantees you can avoid last-minute changes, as this can cause contention between you and your ex.

Creating a schedule ahead of time is also crucial for your children, as it sets clear guidelines for who they will spend the holiday with. It’s essential to ensure that the happiness of your children is first and foremost when splitting holidays with your ex-spouse.

What Happens if My Ex and I Cannot Agree?

If you and your ex-spouse are struggling to agree on holidays, it can be extremely frustrating, as you both want to spend time with your children. However, the best course of action is to double-check your parenting plan. If you are sure you are correct, the next step is to contact your attorney.

An attorney can ensure you and your spouse stick to the agreed arrangements. This guarantees your children do not have to endure confusion and frustration during the holiday season. Luckily, our qualified team of legal associates is ready to help you.

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