How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting Child Custody?

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There is a lot on the line in a child custody case, but a Suffolk County child custody lawyer can help you get the upper hand and make the best possible argument for primary custody. These are some of our tips for how you can build an effective case.

What Can I Do to Improve My Standing in a Child Custody Hearing?

Talk to a professional: There are mental health professionals who can evaluate you and the home you would provide for your child. If you receive high marks, that can really help strengthen your case for child custody.

Stay engaged in your children’s lives: A divorce and child custody squabble can make it difficult to stay focused on your children and everything that they have going on, but staying engaged in their lives needs to be a priority. You need to show your dedication now, not after a custody ruling has already been made.

Have knowledge of child custody laws: Having some knowledge of custody laws, how child custody is awarded, and what factors can determine visitation rights can help you when you are trying to fight for child custody. However, it can be hard to grasp all of the intricacies of these laws when you are not a lawyer yourself. That brings us to the next suggestion…

Hire a lawyer: An experienced child custody lawyer from our firm can help you find the best angle and make the best possible case.  There is no better resource to have on your side if you are serious about winning this suit.

What Should I Avoid Doing?

There are also a few things that you should avoid doing if you want to win your case.

Going negative: It can be tempting to talk badly about your spouse, but that may not be helpful here. Focus on the positives, what you can bring to the table, and why you should be the custodial parent. Remember, your child might end up hearing any negativity you spew about their parent and it can have adverse effects on them.

Committing crimes: This seems like an obvious one, but be aware that any criminal record could affect your standing in a child custody case. Most crimes will not disqualify you immediately, but they can be weighed against you.

Losing your cool: Divorces and custody battles are stressful, but keep a level head. Lashing out can give your spouse ammunition against you, and coming off as anything other than cool and collected in official proceedings can be harmful to your prospects.

Contact a Family Law Attorney

If you are ready to fight for your children, get the help you need. Contact Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. and schedule your consultation. We would like to tell you more about your legal options and how our seasoned Long Island lawyers can be of assistance.

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