When can modifications be made to marital issues?

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During divorce cases, marital issues are decided on. After that, the divorce can be made final. However, these decisions are important and can take some time. Since only the current circumstances can be considered to make these decisions, they are able to be modified in the future. As circumstances change for each spouse, they may need to seek a change to their marital issue. If a spouse faces unemployment, they may be unable to continue to pay support whether it is child support or spousal support. This can affect their original agreement that was made. Marital issues can be affected by a number of factors. If a child is experiencing aggressive behavior, it could be due to their current child custody arrangement. This may need to be revisited to make a change that better suits the child’s needs. There should be room for these types of modifications to work with the spouses and the children in their family. By making changes, it can benefit all the parties involved.

Can my spouse be penalized for failing to follow custody orders?

When your spouse is not following the custody arrangements that are in place, they can be held accountable. You can file a motion with the court to have the case brought in front of a judge. This can better assess the situation. Since custody arrangements are court orders, your spouse can be held in contempt of court by failing to follow the correct orders. A court-mandated agreement is legally binding, making them responsible to follow it. If they fail to do so, it can jeopardize their custody of the children. The child’s well-being is always the most important factor in these cases. Judges should always act with the child’s best interest in mind. They will consider many factors regarding the parents’ lives and the child’s life. If a parent has proven to be an unfit parent, the judge may not grant them with custody rights or may take custody rights away if this is realized later on. It is important to monitor a child’s behavior. If their behavior changes and becomes negative, such as aggressive, you should consider why and look into it. If you believe it is due to their time with their other parent, you may have a case for a modification to the custody arrangement.

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