Can I Afford to Get a Divorce?

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Divorce can be a source of stress and uncomfortable feelings for many people. It is never easy to separate yourself from someone who you thought you would spend the rest of your life with, but for some couples, it is the best choice. In addition to these feelings, a major issue surrounding divorce is the cost associated with it. Divorce can be expensive and quickly add up. You may want to file for divorce but wonder if you will even be able to afford it. Continue reading for more information about the costs of divorce and how you can save on some expenses. Reach out to a Nassau County divorce lawyer to discuss your options.

What Costs Need to Be Considered?

While every divorce is unique, there are generally certain costs that each couple will have to cover. Studies have shown that in New York the average cost of a divorce is over $13,000. Your jurisdiction’s filing fees, the assets you and your partner have, and whether your divorce is contested or uncontested can all impact the final cost of your divorce.

There are many costs that you will need to consider before determining if you can financially afford to go through a divorce, including the following.

  • Attorney fees: Legal counsel will prove beneficial during your case, but it can add up quickly. A good divorce lawyer may cost you anywhere from $200 to $500 per hour.
  • Filing fees: You will have to pay a court filing fee of $335 when you decide to file for divorce.
  • Court costs: Court costs can also be a serious expense especially if the divorce is drawn out. Daily costs are about $120.
  • Expert testimony: You may wish to acquire advice from economic professionals, real estate experts, or people with specialized knowledge in certain areas to assist with property distribution. Their services may be costly.
  • Your post-divorce expenses: Even if you decide that you can afford to get a divorce, you should consider what your finances will look like after the case is settled. Are you prepared to be the sole financial provider for a residence and for your children? You were probably sharing the expenses for one home and splitting the costs of a car payment and child care. Are you able to cover those costs on your own? And if you are ordered to pay alimony or child support to your ex-spouse are you prepared financially to make those payments?

How Can I Save Money During My Divorce?

Try to solve certain aspects of your divorce on your own. If you can get along with your spouse, draw up a child custody plan that you both approve of or decide who will get which assets. Try to make the litigation process faster so you will not have to pay as much money for court fees.

You could avoid litigation altogether and try mediation. Mediation is more affordable and time-efficient than litigation. Try to avoid high-cost situations and be frugal during your divorce.

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