An honest lawyer- for a change!

Peter Mandi is a rare find- an honest, down to earth and savvy lawyer who truly excels in client service. His knowledge of the law coupled with a delightful bedside manner, make him an invaluable advocate for his clients. In my experience, he literally rescued my case which other lawyers (who shall remain nameless) blundered. I will recommend Peter to everyone and anyone who needs legal counsel.

- Elizabeth

Best lawyer I ever had

I would definitely recommend Pete. I asked him to send me his business cards with my paperwork. He is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions that I had during the process very quickly. He also kept me up to speed on what was going on.

- Erin

Dedicated to Finding a Solution

Peter handled my child support case after I hired my first attorney. He quickly got up to speed on my case and took control of my situation, clean up the mess from the previous attorney and met all my expectations. We always planned before hearings and communicated well with me during hearings. He fought and defended when necessary and recongized when to back off. Most of all Peter was dedicated to finding a solution and negotiated with the other side. I would recommend Peter and I would absolutely hire him again.

- James

Great Attorney

I had a great experience with Peter Mandi, he made our divorce a very easy transition. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Adrienne

A very good choice

Peter Mandi was fair and Honest when my spouse and I decided to get legally separated. Peter informed us of our protected laws and made sure both of us were in total agreement. He followed up with our questions and did not take sides at all in the process. I fully recommend his services as i already sent Peter a few clients already.

- Ralph

Quickest Divorce ever!

I spoke with several lawyers regarding my divorce. None of which offered this quick and simple method. My ex and I met with Peter one time for one hour. After that, everything was done via email. The divorce was finalized within a few months!

- Catherine

Review of Peter Mandi

I have dealt with Peter Mandi with a separation through mediation. Overall he is an excellent and trustworthy lawyer. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would need his services.

- Laura

My review

I have used several attorney's in the past and have never been happier since finding Peter. He is very accessible and returns phone calls promptly. I strongly recommend him.

- Deborah

Painless Divorce Process

Comprehensive Consultation – Just that – comprehensive! Answered all my questions patiently and reviewed all my options. Peter acted as Mediator for our divorce and was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. He was respectful and professional and worked quickly to help us come to a fair agreement that we were both pleased with. He kept us apprised of any updates along the way and made the entire process less painful than I would have ever imagined. I have no doubt though, had we gone in another direction, that I would have been well represented.

- Maureen

Great find!

Peter was great in court! He came well prepared and presented the case to the judge flawlessly. He always kept in contact and informed me of everything I needed. I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone I know.

- Jennifer

Thankful to have him as my attorney

Peter recently handled my divorce, and there are not enough words to describe his dedication and genuine care and concern towards his clients. From the moment I met with him during my initial consultation, I knew he would be a trustworthy attorney and one who would address every one of my concerns. Not only did he listen to every one of my needs, but he also put me at ease numerous times when I felt unsure or uneasy. He provided me with the best possible legal advice, and he kept me involved in every aspect of my case. Responses were always prompt, and it was reassuring to have an attorney who would answer any question in a timely manner. His knowledge, insight, and support are only a few of the characteristics that make him a respectable attorney, and I could not thank him enough for ultimately putting my daughter's and my needs first. Although I initially believed this would be the most trying time of my life, Peter helped make this transition as painless as possible.

- Michele

Great Attorney!

I will definitely continue to highly recommend Peter. Peter was understanding and always kept me informed at all times of what was happening in my case. I would also like to mention he always responded very quickly to any questions I may of have during the case and even now that my case has been settled whether they were on the phone or through email. I felt very comfortable working with Peter during my case and so has everyone who I have recommended him to.

- Bonnie

A honest, straight forward lawyer

I hired Pete for a child support case, after a bad experience with my previous lawyer. I went into a meeting with him very skeptical of lawyers in general looking for a reason to cast him in the same light as my other lawyer. But he earned my respect and trust one court date at a time, he's the kind of guy you can talk to and that accommodates you for the sometimes crazy circumstances that arise in court. You can tell Pete has done this plenty of times before, he's very composed and it'll rub off on you. Further more he was good in the court room and represented all my concerns without me having to remind him or over explain. Like I said it was evident he had done this before. He also worked well with the lawyer on the opposing side, and when negotiating it's important to come off the right way. Pete is friendly, but goes in for what his clients want/need.

- Adam

An Honest Lawyer…

Peter came highly recommended to me when I was in need of a Divorce Attorney 3 years ago. I have NO complaints about his services. Peter was upfront & honest from the minute we met, regarding my options and cost. He was fair and worked with my monetary status. He spent a lot time with me to make sure I understood ALL my options. He also gave my (ex) husband extra time to make sure he understood ALL portions of Divorce Agreement prior to our signing anything. We used Peter to Mediate our Divorce and keep us out of the court room. I would and have recommended Peter Mandi!

- Marissa

Great attorney

Peter is an excellent attorney. He helped my ex wife and resolve our differences and come to a mutual understanding. He was always available to answer questions and concerns. His professionalism and non bios neutrality made him the perfect attorney for both of us. My divorce was settled out of court and only cost me approx 3000 dollars from start to finish including court filing fees ect. Great professional attorney with a great personality. Highly recommend him !

- Harry

Outstanding Representative

After being served custody papers from my ex daughter in-law I was about to concede. Being a recently widowed grandfather, I didn't think there was any way I could retain joint custody of my grandson. Peter reassured me that I had a very good chance to win the case. With Peters help we wound up with a settlement that is fair to both sides.

- Richie

Top Notch

I enlisted the legal services of Peter on Legal Match to handle a child support issue in family court and I am very pleased and satisfied with the final outcome of the case. Peter is attentive and knowledgeable in the practice of family law and I will definitely reach out to him again for his legal expertise should the need arise again in the future. Thank you Peter!!!

- Richard


If anyone has given me a reason to change my perspective about lawyers, it's Peter Mandi. I have met with a few attorneys prior to Peter contemplating my divorce and was not surprised that each one had one goal in mind..how to extend the process for as long as possible to enhance their bottom line. Peter had the patience to explain the legalese, my options, what I can anticipate and guided me towards making the right decisions. He has always made himself available to me to answer all of my questions and acted with by best interest at heart. Going above and beyond the call of duty is something I believe comes natural to Peter. Peter has kept me apprised every step of the way. He delivered what he promised and didn't promise what he couldn't deliver. Peter has proven to be an honest lawyer that knew how to treat and fight for me. I highly recommend Peter as I feel he can teach a few attorneys a thing or two about ethics and to treat each client's case with the utmost importance.

- Barbara

Thank you Peter…

When I walked into Peter's office I didn't know what to expect or what was going to happen. He helped me through what I thought at the time was my most difficult time of my life. He didn't make it mean and dreadful which is what I expected from divorce.. He helped me through each step of the process explaining what I should expect and in what time frame. He guided me to accept what was right and to push for what I was entitled to.. Most important he made it painless and straight forward … Thank you Peter!!

- Lisa

Great Lawyer

Great lawyer to me. Peter was very helpful and knew what he was talking about. He made things a lot easier to me. The process could have been quicker but that was not Peters fault at all – it was mine and the ex's for dragging it out. He was very patient and showed no frustration at all. He answered all phone calls and emails quickly and had answers for all my questions. Would definitely recommend Peter to anyone.

- a client

Very impressed!!

Mr. Mandi is an excellent attorney that did nothing but benefit my case. He's a very compassionate and empathetic man that listens to everything you have to say and can see the situation through your eyes. There was never one moment where I felt alone, he was always on top of every aspect of the case. I would not hesitate to re-hire Mr Mandi if needed again in the future.

- Dave

MANDI is your Man!

Peter Mandi listens to his client, then advises accordingly, One thing that rang true, he genuinely believes in his clients and gives hope, that is a rarity. He listens and if he client will listen to him and do as he instructs, try to do and live as God wishes you to, Good things can and will happen, especially if you select the right attorney. Attorney Peter Mandi's overall rating is EXCELLENT. He has proven his trustworthiness, that he is responsive an knowledgeable, fair and communicates with his clients. During stressful times, communication is key. If you want an attorney that will represent you properly and is a genuine, good, caring person and a great attorney. Peter Mandi is your Man!

- a client


Peter was the utmost professional responsive attorney I've ever dealt, which took the bad taste of having to hire an attorney out of my mouth…

- a client

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