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Amityville Divorce Lawyers

When a client in Amityville, New York is facing a matter of divorce and family law, they will require the services of an experienced attorney who can lend a helping hand. Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. proudly serves clients from Amityville, Bohemia, Suffolk County, and all of Long Island in their divorce and family law needs. If you need a devoted and experienced law firm to guide you the difficult days that lie ahead, contact our Amityville Divorce Lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.

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Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. is a divorce and family law firm located in Bohemia, New York. Our firm is honored to serve clients in Amityville and throughout Long Island. Divorce and family law matters can be emotional and overwhelming but our firm is here to provide you with assistance during these trying times. Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. provides dedicated and compassionate legal assistance for our clients in Amityville while protecting the best interests of your family and your future. We will work diligently to guide you to the most favorable outcome possible for your legal matter. Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. is honored to serve clients with attentive, knowledgeable divorce and separation matters, including:

Our law firm can also provide you with assistance in family law matters, such as:

Amityville Family Court Information

The Suffolk County Family Court for Amityville is located in Central Islip. The court hears family law cases related to a variety of matters. If you are facing a family law matter in Riverhead, it is imperative that you have resilient legal representation. Contact Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc., today to discuss the circumstances surrounding your case.

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Amitytville, New York clients who need assistance in divorce and family law matters trust in the legal services of Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. Our firm provides unyielding dedication to each and every case. If you require legal assistance, contact Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. for your family law and divorce matters. For a compassionate attorney that help you achieve the best outcome for your case, contact Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. and schedule a consultation.

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