Peter V Mandi, Esq.

Peter Mandi

When you face the prospect of divorce or other family law difficulties, you need effective and experienced legal counsel. Peter V. Mandi, Esq. focuses his practice on divorce, child custody, property division, support and other family law matters. He handles both contested and uncontested matters with the highest degree of caring, competence, and professionalism. He is sensitive to the fact that the process of divorce can be overwhelming. His approach is quite simply to keep the best interests of the clients at the forefront. He cares and is passionate about his practice because it matters – families matter. When you are vulnerable, you do not want to be, nor should you be, taken advantage of by the legal system.

Although each case is unique, there are many specific issues that frequently occur. This is where experience really makes a difference. When these issues arise, Peter has the knowledge to answer all your questions and the background to address them. He understands that divorce can be associated with very emotional and life-altering times. You deserve to be effectively represented by an attorney who has the necessary experience in all areas of family law. He helps clients navigate a complicated legal system at this critical time in your life.

Peter V. Mandi has been through a divorce himself. Most importantly, he has seen the impact of post-divorce life on kids and how the decisions made in the conference room translate to everyday life. He brings this real-life experience into each and every new situation, enabling him to advise couples on the impact their decisions will bear on their lives going forward. He is honored to serve the greater Long Island area. If you need an attorney that deeply cares about your situation, contact Peter V. Mandi, Esq.

Admissions- New Jersey & New York -2009

Associations- Suffolk County Bar Association

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