How a Divorce Attorney in Patchogue NY Can Help You Deal with an Unwanted Divorce

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Although some cases involve parties who have both decided that it would be best to divorce, a divorce attorney in Patchogue New York is well acquainted with cases in which one of the parties does not want the divorce to occur.  However, a divorce attorney in Patchogue New York can explain that the desire of one party not to go through divorce will not stop the process in its tracks.  He or she can help the client through this difficult process.

If you are the party who does not desire a divorce, your divorce attorney can help guide you through the difficult emotions of grief and on having your vision of the future shattered.  He or she can concentrate on the legal aspects of your claim as you adjust to your new perception of the future.  By handling the legal issues, your divorce attorney can help concentrate on securing the best future on your behalf so that your pain will not be coupled by an unjust settlement.

If you are the party who does want the divorce, your divorce attorney can sympathize with your frustration with the process and on any delay tactics that the other side is initiating.  He or she may recommend mediation as a means for the other party to recalibrate expectations.  A mediator may be able to convince him or her to let go of the relationship because it has already been severed by your desire to leave the marriage.  Sometimes hearing direct information from an objective party can help a person finally learn to let go.

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