How Can I Rebuild My Social Life After A Divorce?

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A divorce can be difficult for so many reasons, but one hardship that some people do not fully expect is how it can completely upend their social lives. This is a big change, not just for you and your spouse but also for the people that you were friendly with. There is going to be some awkwardness and readjustment, but you should not let it get you down. You can reclaim your social life with some advice from our experienced Nassau County divorce lawyers.

When Should I Reach Out to My Social Circle?

You should reach out whenever you are comfortable. Everyone is different. Some people are ready to bounce back and socialize when the ink on divorce papers is still wet. Others need some time to themselves to process.

Keeping some people in the loop can be beneficial when you need someone to lean on or you are looking for a distraction. Waiting too long to reach out at all can make it more difficult to rebuild and reinforce relationships later.

Which Friends Should Continue to Be a Part of My Social Life?

We cannot make that decision for you, but it is smart to take some time and focus on what you are getting out of each relationship. A good friend should not be unreliable, or someone who drains you mentally and emotionally. A good friend should be someone you can depend on and talk to about what is going on in your life.

Just remember that you should be ready to support them in the future if they need it, as a way of paying them back for when they helped you.

What Else Should I Do?

Avoid excessive venting: A little bit of chatting about your situation is fine. If you are overbearing or do not let others get words in, you are not being a good friend yourself. Also, if any of your friends remain friends with your spouse, they are unlikely to want to spend time with someone who spends all of their time trashing a friend of theirs.

Try new things: Now can be a great time to try out some new activities. Take your current friends or be open to widening your social circle and meeting new potential friends. Just move at a pace that you are comfortable with.

Do not rush anything: And speaking of pace, there is no hard and fast rule for how to do something like this. Take as much time as you need and make sure that you are focusing on your own mental health.

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