How Do I Revise a Prenuptial Agreement?

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A prenuptial agreement is a great way to protect your finances when entering a marriage. However, as your life changes, your finances likely will change, meaning the document that worked for you a decade ago may no longer reflect your current wishes. Luckily, there are steps you can take to adjust your agreement to ensure you and your spouse feel safe and represented in your relationship. When you want to revise a prenuptial agreement, you’ll need to contact a Suffolk County prenuptial agreement lawyer to help walk you through the process.

Why Would Someone Want to Revise a Prenuptial Agreement?

Though it may seem strange to want to change your prenuptial agreement, there are several reasons why this could be an essential conversation you should have with your spouse.

One of the most significant reasons one partner may want to update their prenup is if they get a new job or promotion that impacts their finances. While your agreement may reflect the wishes that were important in a previous role, the finances with a new position may not be reflected in your contract.

Similarly, having children can impact the decisions you make and may be a reason you want to update the agreement. For example, you may want to include that whichever spouse is awarded primary custody of the children will receive the family home in the divorce.

How Do I Change the Agreement?

You must speak with your spouse if you want to adjust your prenuptial agreement. As you both signed the original document, you both need to agree to any changes to the contract.

Once you agree, you’ll be able to update the document relatively easily. Generally, you will add an amendment to the original contract, which outlines the changes to be signed by both spouses. Your agreement may also outline what happens if there are amendments or cancellations that occur.

In some circumstances, you may have such significant changes to your prenup that it may be easier to revoke or cancel the original document and then create a postnuptial agreement. Exploring all your options is crucial to making the best decision for you and your spouse.

Can an Attorney Help Me?

If you need assistance updating your prenuptial agreement, enlisting the help of a seasoned attorney is crucial. Though making a small change to your prenup may seem easy enough to do on your own, a lawyer will ensure that the changes are legally valid to protect you down the line.

When you need an attorney to help update your marriage documents, Peter V. Mandi & Associates can help. We have the experience necessary to help guide you through this process. Contact us today to learn how our dedicated legal team can help you and your family.

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