Post-Judgment Modifications in New York | What to Know

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Your child support, child custody, and spousal support arrangements will be made during your divorce. Your life is likely to change as the years go by, and eventually, these arrangements may no longer work for you. If this occurs, you may need to reach out to a family law attorney to obtain a post-judgment modification. Read on to learn more about post-judgment modifications in New York.

What Arrangements Can be Modified?

The matters of your divorce will be carefully determined in order to best suit all parties involved. As a result, they can be difficult to change. It can be especially difficult to alter child custody arrangements, as this can be stressful and disruptive to the child. That being said, you can modify the following arrangements under certain circumstances:

  • Child Custody: When either a parent or child’s life changes and their current custody arrangement no longer suits their situation. 
  • Child Support: When a parent paying child support experiences a change in their financial situation, either party can request an increase or decrease in payment amounts.
  • Spousal Support: When a former spouse’s personal or financial life experiences a change, either party can request an increase or decrease in payment amounts.

What Circumstances Might Call for a Modification?

In order to obtain a post-judgment modification, you will have to prove to the court that the modification is necessary. Providing this proof can be difficult, so it may be best to obtain the help of an experienced family law attorney. Some circumstances that may call for a modification include:

  • A child reaches the age of emancipation no longer needs child support 
  • Financial responsibility must be determined to pay for college education 
  • Either party begins living with another person and no longer needs financial support from their former spouse
  • If the child’s schedule changes, a former spouse may wish to modify custody terms, parenting time, and visitation schedule
  • If either party receives a promotion, demotion, loses their job, becomes disabled, etc., the spousal or child support payment amount may need to change
  • If either party exposes their child to domestic violence, substance abuse, a serious mental illness, etc., custody agreements may need changing

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