What Are the Most Effective Co-Parenting Tips to Keep In Mind?

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Divorce is an overwhelming and challenging time for all parties, but it can be even more confusing for children. It is essential to do everything possible to shield your children from the harsh realities of divorce, as this can put undue stress on a young child. Luckily, there are things you and your ex-spouse can do to make co-parenting as simple as possible to keep your child happy. When you’re going through a divorce, ensuring you have a Suffolk County family law attorney on your side can help you navigate this transition with ease.

Why Is Co-Parenting Important?

Unfortunately, when parents get divorced, it can be exceptionally confusing for the children involved, as they may feel obligated to pick sides. This is only exasperated when both parents are speaking poorly about the other parent to their child, which can leave young kids feeling conflicted.

However, when children see their parents working together, it can provide a sense of safety and security to a child, as they do not feel anxiety about siding with the “right” parent. Similarly, when a child has two role models who are respectful of each other, it can demonstrate a healthy relationship.

How Can My Ex and I Work Together?

As previously mentioned, one of the most effective forms of co-parenting involves refraining from speaking poorly about your co-parent in front of your children. This can cause stress and anxiety, straining your child’s relationship with their other parent.

You should also spend time discussing important parenting decisions and making them together. This is essential to help each parent feel involved in the decision-making while ensuring your child is being parented consistently. For example, if you like to send your 6-year-old to bed at 7:30, but your co-parent thinks 8:30 is okay, it can influence their routine. Instead, staying calm and discussing these decisions together is recommended.

Finally, you’ll want to stay in touch with your co-parent to ensure you can discuss any matters that concern your child. This includes school, medical decisions, and any disciplinary actions. Keeping communication open is essential to work effectively with your child’s other parent.

What Should I Do if My Ex Makes Co-Parenting Difficult?

If your co-parenting is not working effectively, you’ll want to refrain from escalating the situation. Though it can be frustrating, staying calm and sticking to your custody agreement is essential. However, if your ex is putting your child in danger or neglecting their needs, you should contact your attorney as soon as possible.

When you need legal help, Peter v. Mandi & Associates can help. Our legal team has the experience and compassion necessary to help you navigate issues you may have with your co-parenting arrangement. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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