What is the Best Way to Share Custody on Thanksgiving?

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If you and your ex-spouse share custody of your children, the holidays can be hard. Thanksgiving is an especially difficult holiday since it is so family-oriented. As a result, custody can become an issue when both parents wish to spend the day with the kids. So what do you do? Below are a few ways divorced couples might choose to spend Thanksgiving.

Tips for Sharing Custody on Thanksgiving:

  1. Alternate years: Many couples choose to alternate years. This is a good way to take turns and ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to spend time with the kids. It also limits miscommunication because there is a set schedule.
  2. Split the day: Some parents may choose to split the day between the two of them. For example, one parent may spend the morning with their children, enjoying a festive breakfast and watching the parade, and the other parent might spend dinner with the kids. You can also alternate who gets the morning and who gets the evening.
  3. Change the date: This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 26, but there is no reason you can’t celebrate the day before or after. If your kids are with your ex this year, you and your kids can still have Thanksgiving dinner another night. All you really need to celebrate is good company and good food, which can occur any night. The kids might love getting to celebrate two Thanksgivings.
  4. Spend it together: This is not an option for everyone, but some divorced couples choose to continue to spend holidays together. This may be an especially good option this year for those who are celebrating via video chat.
  5. Other fun activities: Dinner isn’t the only way to celebrate the holiday. Consider making hand turkeys, baking a pie, or creating handmade cards to send to friends and family. If you do not have custody on the day of Thanksgiving, you and your children can still enjoy the spirit of the holiday.
  6. Friendsgiving: If you cannot spend the day with your children, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate. Consider spending the day with your close friends and family.

The holidays are important, but there are more ways to celebrate than just the traditional ones. You and your children can still enjoy the holidays together, regardless of your custody situation. If you have any questions regarding your custody agreement, sharing custody on holidays, or general concerns, reach out to our firm to discuss your options.


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