Who pays spousal support?

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Upon filing for a divorce, there are still issues that need to be solved. Getting a divorce is a difficult decision. Unfortunately, many more are to come during the actual process of divorce. many issues need to be resolved before the spouses can go their separate ways. Child support may be needed for some cases as spousal support may be needed as well. Money can be a difficult topic for spouses to talk about since it may lead to arguments that prove to be unsuccessful at reaching conclusions. Spousal support is a system that aims to provide financial means for a spouse that may be considered a dependent party after a divorce. Spousal support is a payment system that gives financial support to a dependent spouse. During the marriage of a couple, spouses may have different roles in regards to supporting their family and lifestyle. If one spouse is the caretaker, they may not gain a salary. The other spouse may be the one who provides for the family. This can leave the caretaker in an unfair advantage after a marriage has ended in divorce. They may be unable to support themselves financially without their spouse’s help. This may be a reason for a spousal support to be paid. This can help a dependent party carry on with their lives. It may be able to support them while they look for alternative means of earning money.

How are support payments decided?

Spousal support is a payment system that may be decided in mediation or during litigation to provide for a dependent party. Couples may be able to reach this decision in mediation by being open with one another and going over their financial situations. This can prove to be beneficial since they may not have to enter into court to have this decision made. Instead, they can work together toward reaching a resolution. However, sometimes court is needed to make these decisions. During divorce proceedings, spouses may be unable to cooperate, leading them to enter into litigation. At this time, a judge will preside over their case. The judge will consider many factors in relation to their marriage. This can include the length of their marriage. This will be considered to decide on how spousal support should be structured. The judge may also review their financial statements to examine the earning capacity of each spouse and their incomes. This can be useful information when they are trying to make their decision.

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