Why Should I Be Cautious with Posting on Social Media During My Divorce?

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If you are currently going through a divorce, you must practice caution when it comes to posting on social media. Put simply, the information that you put out there can potentially have an effect on the outcomes of your proceedings. For a detailed explanation, read on and see how a seasoned Suffolk County divorce attorney of Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. can provide you with tips to follow.

Why should I be careful with posting on social media during my divorce?

It is best practice to avoid posting on social media altogether until your divorce is officially finalized. This is because it is easy for social media to give a negative portrayal of your character, even if that is not your intention. Below are common examples of how you may accidentally hurt your case via social media:

  • You post your vacation or a significant purchase on social media: your spouse can argue that you are financially independent and thus do not need child support and/or alimony.
  • You post your partying or drinking with friends: your spouse can argue that you have poor judgment and/or are parentally unfit and thus do not deserve custody of your child.
  • You post your new romantic partner: your spouse can cite adultery as fault grounds for your divorce, which can negatively impact what you receive in your settlement agreement.

So, you do not want to give your spouse anything that they can use against you in the presence of the New York divorce court. And even if your spouse’s arguments are false, you do not want to give them any leverage by posting any of the above.

What social media advice should I abide by during my divorce?

When it comes to social media during your divorce proceedings, it is best that you follow the below advice:

  • You should not post a rant about your ongoing divorce case or about your spouse.
  • You should not post any type of threat toward your spouse.
  • You should not post jokes or anything negative about your spouse.
  • You should not post pictures of you doing anything that can make your character questionable.

Importantly, your spouse’s attorney will have access to your private messages and deleted posts on your social media accounts.

Ultimately, these posts are potential red flags that can negatively impact how the New York court settles your case. So, you must keep your private life off social media to avoid making your divorce any more difficult than it has to be. For more information, do not hesitate in contacting a competent Suffolk County family law attorney today.


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