Why Should I Hire a Divorce Mediator?

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If you and your former spouse believe that you can reach a divorce settlement agreement that you would both be satisfied with, then you may be eligible to file an uncontested divorce. With this, one of the options at your disposal is mediation. Read on to discover whether you should hire a divorce mediator and how a seasoned Suffolk County uncontested divorce lawyer at Peter V. Mandi & Associates can be of service to you.

What is mediation?

Mediation is possible if you and your former spouse do not wish to hold each other responsible for the dissolution of your marriage, then you may cite no-fault grounds. Then, you must reach agreements on every divorce-related term at hand, such as division of assets, spousal maintenance, child custody, child visitation, and child support. If you disagree on even just one divorce-related term, then mediation may not be possible to execute.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Mediation is viewed as a beneficial divorce route so long as you and your spouse can remain amicable throughout the proceedings. More specifically, below are some of the reasons why mediation can be beneficial:

  • Mediation has lower stakes because it is a voluntary process that can be paused or terminated at any time.
  • Mediation has cheaper costs because you will not be at the mercy of attorney fees.
  • Mediation has more efficiency because you will not be at the mercy of the court’s schedule.
  • Mediation has more mutually-created agreements because you will not be at the mercy of the judge’s ruling.
  • Mediation has more privacy because you will not have to be in the presence of a courtroom.

Should I hire a divorce mediator?

When you and your former spouse choose to undergo mediation, it is necessary to hire a divorce mediator. Put simply, a mediator is an unbiased third party that will hear both sides of the story and ultimately guides negotiations so that you and your former spouse can reach a mutually-accepted settlement agreement. More specifically, below are some of the roles that a mediator will take on:

  • A mediator will help schedule times when both you and your spouse are available to have negotiations.
  • A mediator will lay out all the settlement options that you and your former spouse can choose from.
  • A mediator will dissolve any disputes that surface between you and your former spouse.
  • A mediator will help you and your former spouse settle your divorce without the assistance of a judge and outside of the courtroom setting.

When it comes down to choosing a mediator, you must find one that is experienced, knowledgeable, and understanding when it comes to divorce and family law. Luckily, any one of the competent Nassau County divorce lawyers fits this description. Without further hesitation, you must consult with one of our lawyers. We await your phone call.

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