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Representing clients in need of modifications to court orders

After a divorce or family law case is completed, a judge will pass down a decision that parties must adhere by. It is import that if you are issued an order, you fully cooperate. If you were to defy the court’s ruling, you could face serious repercussions, including being in contempt of court and even wage garnishing. Though judges try their best to make decisions that are fair and just, they cannot see into the future. They pass judgments according to the facts of the case. When a party is faced with overwhelming and unforeseen circumstances that make it practically impossible to follow the court’s order, one may request a modification. Courts are open to requests, but the standard for a modification is quite high. You must provide convincing evidence to support your claim. Having the proper representation that can develop your case for a modification is critical to your success. If you need quality legal support from an effective attorney, contact Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc.  for a consultation.

Spousal maintenance modifications

The foundation for a decision on alimony can change quickly. A court will hear a case for the modification of an alimony structure if the change in situation is unexpected, substantial, and ongoing. Some of the reasons a court will consider a modification for spousal support include, but are not limited to illness, loss of job, a change to a party’s dependency. If a spouse is found to be purposefully unemployed or underemployed to modify or avoid a court order, further legal problems can follow.

Child support modifications

A court will follow the New York Child Support Guidelines to make a determination for a child support structure. They take many factors into consideration before coming to a decision on the matter. When overwhelming, unexpected changes impact the ability to follow a court order, one can request a modification. A change in the custody arrangement, a change of income, and the unexpected loss of employment are just a sample of the reasons a person may be entitled to a modification.

Child custody and visitation modification

Child custody and visitation can be an emotional topic for families. If an unexpected, ongoing change in circumstance makes the custody or visitation arrangement impossible to follow, courts are open to hearing requests. Some reasons a person could request a modification for child custody and visitation include a change in work schedules, health concerns, exposure to dangerous third parties, relocation, and more.

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No one can predict the future. Courts fully understand this and are open to hearing cases for modification. If your change in circumstances is overwhelming and ongoing, you may be entitled to a modification. It is important to have legal representation that can help you meet the standard put forth by courts. For more information or to retain the services of an experienced law firm, contact Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc.  for a consultation.