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When people realize their marriage is headed for divorce, reactions can differ greatly. Some people remain calm and approach the end of their marriage in an efficient and generally positive manner. Others become very emotional and angry. Still others view divorce as a way to get revenge or to punish their spouse.

It is important to always remember that emotions can work against you in a divorce. Your attorney will try to help you keep your emotions out of decisions in order to ensure that you make the best possible decisions using a rational understanding of your circumstances and the law itself. One thing that should always be considered no matter how you feel about your spouse is mediation. Bringing in the right New York divorce mediator can save you time, money, and stress.

No Harm Done

An important thing to keep in mind when considering mediation in New York is that mediation is non-binding and confidential. That means that no matter what is said during the process, it cannot be used against you if the divorce goes to the courts, and the courts always remain an option. A sincere and energetic attempt to mediate your divorce can in no way hurt your ‘case’ if it fails and you have to pursue a more traditional court-managed divorce.

And if it succeeds, mediation can be much faster, more affordable, and less emotionally devastating than a litigated divorce. For these reasons it is generally always a good idea to at least attempt mediation before bringing the divorce to court. While mediation’s success depends on the sincerity both spouses bring to the process as well as the experience and skill of the mediator selected, the fact is a failed mediation does not reduce options.

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