How can I get a restraining order in New York State?

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When a person has become the victim of harassment or abuse, New York state will do what they can to help them find protection from their abuser, whether the abuser is a current or former spouse, partner, or whatever the case may be. If you are being harassed or abused, it is crucial that you take steps to protect yourself and get to safety. One way you can do so is to obtain an order of protection.

An order of protection can prevent a person from having any contact with you and/or your children, can require them to move out of your home, make sure they do not threaten, harass, or contacts you. The person you have sought protection from is not permitted to come to your home, place of employment, or other places that you frequent. If an order of protection is issued against someone, they may not be permitted to have a gun and they will also be held to additional penalties if they violate this order. Violating an order of protection, regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent, is a crime.

Many people who have requested an order of protection are unsure of what to do if their abuser has violated the restraining order. The first step is to call the police. There is a strong chance that the police will simply arrest the offender because it is illegal to violate an order of protection.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, please obtain an order of protection as soon as possible. There are plenty of state resources that can assist you in getting out of a bad situation. The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence can assist you in finding a shelter, hotline assistance numbers, counseling, and other legal resources that may be able to help you find safety.

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