Choosing a Divorce Mediator in Bay Shore NY

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The right divorce mediator is key to a successful mediation session—meaning that it ends with a full settlement between the parties. Choosing a divorce mediator in Bay Shore New York, however, can be overwhelming. There are several characteristics you must consider as you search for a divorce mediator in Bay Shore New York.

First, what percentage of this individual’s practice is devoted to mediation? Does the mediator participate in volunteer sessions a few times a year, or does the mediator mediate several cases per month? A mediator with vast experience in a number of cases is your best bet, as these mediators have faced a variety of situations and personalities throughout their practices.

Also ask each mediator what percentages of cases he or she has actually settled, and whether those cases are similar to yours. If the mediator has settled cases that have issues like yours, the mediator is likely an excellent choice.

How comfortable are you with the mediator? You will be disclosing personal, emotional details of your marriage to this person, so it is important that you feel comfortable doing so. Make sure your personality “clicks” with the mediator’s.

How does the mediator deal with perceived impasses, or deadlocks, during mediation? An ability to get communication back on track is essential to a successful mediation. How will the mediator handle a stubborn party, for example? Although the mediator should not force a settlement agreement, the mediator should also work diligently to help the parties continue their negotiations.

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