What is Contempt of Court After Divorce?

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Contempt of Court After Divorce

After a divorce is finalized, a court issues a final divorce decree.  This decree states that the marriage is over, as well as lists and explains all the issues of the marriage that have been resolved.  It also sets a guide of how things should be done after the marriage, such as payment of spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, how debts should be paid, and how assets should be divided.  In some instances, a spouse may defer from the court order and that could lead to some major trouble.  This would be known as contempt of the court order.

What can I do if my spouse doesn’t follow the divorce order?

If your spouse violates your divorce decree, he or she may be in contempt.  In order to address this, if your spouse is unwilling to cooperate, you may file a motion with the court to address the problem(s).  The motion can set forth what areas of the divorce decree have been violated and what remedies you seek.  For example, you may ask that the spouse follow the order, or that you receive any back payments per the order.

What are the consequences of contempt of court?

If a spouse is found guilty of contempt, he or she could face some hefty penalties, some as serious as imprisonment.  The judge may order them to immediately comply with the order or give them a specified amount of time to comply.

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