Contested Divorce in New York

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The harsh reality is that divorce is usually not easy. There are a lot of difficult emotions that need to be pushed aside in order to get everything taken care of. This is easier said than done. However, it is important that a couple can communicate and work together to make decisions that must take place in order to handle all of the matters that are necessary when getting divorced. When the couple does not agree on a particular aspect of divorce, or even on many different aspects, the matters become contested.

Some factors that are commonly contested are those related to finances, property, and children if there are any. The factors in a divorce related to the children are oftentimes the most emotional. No parent wants to lose time with their children that they once saw every day. When the court has to make decisions about child support, relocation, visitation times, or child custody, the court is always going to rule in the best interest of the child. Keep in mind that what the court believes is the best interest and what you believe is the best interest may not align.

Other matters that are frequently contested in a divorce are in regards to the division of assets and debts. One spouse may not believe that they should have to pay back a certain debt or they want to keep a specific asset. Equitable distribution does not always mean equal. Other situations that are frequently contested involve an award of spousal maintenance. The court is going to make the final decision on these matters if they are contested and you might not always get what you want. It’s important to go into a contested divorce mentally prepared not to get everything you ask for.

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