Divorce Attorney in Bohemia New York: Are You Sabotaging Your Case?

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Due to the many emotional aspects of divorce, some people may not be prepared for divorce and may actually be actively sabotaging their case.  A divorce attorney in Bohemia New York can explain that there is a distinct difference between zealously representing your own interests and being unnecessarily aggressive.  Some of the common ways that a divorce attorney in Bohemia New York sees people sabotaging their case are:

Sabotaging Finances

In an attempt to protect what they think is theirs, some spouses actively hide, misreport or transfer assets to keep the other spouse from having any interest in them.  However, this tactic often backfires and may result in sanctions by the court, sometimes by the court handing over the entire asset to the innocent spouse to the detriment of the other spouse.

Fighting Over Everything

Another self-sabotage move is picking unnecessary fights with the ex.  The more issues that the parties fight about, the longer the divorce process tends to be.  This increases legal fees on both sides.   Additionally, they may continue the fight after the divorce is finalized, preventing them from moving on.

Hiring the Wrong Attorney

Individuals should be careful about which attorney they hire.  They should look for someone who is experienced in family law and whose approach mirrors the type of result that they are ultimately seeking.

Peter V. Mandi, Esq. is an experienced divorce and family law attorney located in Bohemia, New York. If you require strong and dedicated legal representation, contact Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. today for a free consultation.

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