Why Divorce Attorneys Make Good New York Divorce Mediators

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Mediation provides parties with an opportunity to seek an alternative solution to their case that encourages fair play and an amicable way of ending their relationship.  During mediation, a professional New York divorce mediator helps the parties communicate better and realize the prudence of settling their case in a less formal setting outside of the court’s purview.  The parties get to decide who will serve as their New York divorce mediator.

The skills and techniques that the mediator brings to the table help guide the parties throughout the process.  While mediation may not largely involve the legal system since the formal rules of civil procedures and evidence do not need to be followed, it benefits from someone who has extensive knowledge of marital and divorce law.  After the parties reach an agreement, the judge must review it and sign off on it in order to make a formal divorce decree.

While someone does not technically have to be a lawyer to be an effective mediator, it is often beneficial to have a divorce attorney serve as the mediator.  Divorce attorneys often have extensive experience in the field of divorce.  Divorce attorneys who serve as mediators have a strict focus on resoling family law disputes through different processes.  Divorce attorneys have a unique perspective.  They can often see what has led to problems after the divorce process and how different parenting arrangements have affected other families.  They can also help find creative solutions to common issues involved in divorce and custody matters such as when modifications may be at issue.

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