Divorce Mediation in New York when the Parties Don’t Get Along

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Some people have the misconception that individuals must have great communication with each other in order for divorce mediation in New York to be effective.  While this characteristic certainly helps, divorce mediation in New York is often able to resolve controversies by providing a unique and tailored plan suited to the parties and their children.

One of the reasons why divorce mediation is so effective, including in cases in which the parties have demonstrated contention, is that it allows the parties to craft a resolution that they help to create.  When going to family court, the family is subjected to standard charts and rules that do not necessarily take the individual needs of family members into consideration.  In this way, their fate is not left up to a system that is flooded with other cases.  Parents can focus on the needs of their children and even their own self interests in order to craft an agreement.  For example, the parents’ work schedules and holiday preferences can be taken into consideration.

Another advantage of mediation is that it helps individuals who have difficulty communicating.  It provides a forum for a spouse to express his or her true feelings that may have been repressed over the years.  This may be the first time that the other spouse has a glimpse into the other’s perspective.  A mediator can also separate the parties and communicate information back and forth if the conversation becomes heated or the parties are at odds.

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