What Divorce Mediation in Stony Brook NY Can Accomplish?

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Divorce mediation in Stony Brook New York is often able to accomplish much more than the party participants ever believed.  Many participants walk into the mediation process with speculation.  They reason that they have problems communicating with their spouse and that they will be embroiled in a bitter battle.  However, divorce mediation in Stony Brook New York can be the saving grace for many couples that allows them to leave their relationship with dignity and respect.

Mediation provides an attentive, methodical approach to sort out legal issues.  Sometimes the parties have certain fears that are well-founded while other times they may be concerned about things that are not actually present in the case.  Mediation can help dissect these issues, clear up misunderstandings and work on solutions to the actual problems.  Parties can often leave the mediation experience with new alternatives that they can explore.

Another benefits to mediation is that it helps provide an objective viewpoint on the subject matter.  A mediator does not have any vested interest in mediation.  As such, he or she can provide objective information about the law and how a court rule.  Additionally, a mediator is often better able to help the parties see the problem from the other party’s point of view, making settlement a much more likely outcome.  After mediation, the parties are often able to have a better relationship with each other because they worked to resolve their differences in a respectful and conscientious manner.

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