Dos and Don’ts of Divorce in New York

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A divorce can be a stressful and emotionally charged process. As a result, it can be easy to make rash decisions, criticize your spouse, and more. Unfortunately, this behavior can be detrimental to your divorce proceedings, especially in the case of child custody. Read on to learn more about the dos and don’ts of a successful divorce process in New York.

What are the dos of a divorce?

To help ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible, be sure to:

  • Change passwords to all email accounts and social media sites so your spouse cannot access them.
  • Disclose all assets and liabilities when filling out your inventory
  • Be aware of the household budget and expenses
  • Collect your last two tax returns, real estate deeds, and mortgage documents
  • Get a copy of your spouse’s last two paycheck stubs
  • Examine your credit history and get a credit report
  • Know the total balance on any joint checking and savings bank accounts, as well as the balance of your retirement plans, 401(k), pension plan, etc.
  • Seek help for any alcohol or illegal substance abuse
  • Keep records of pick-ups and drop-offs of your children
  • Keep any receipts for money paid to your spouse
  • Be sure to pay your child support on time
  • Maintain good co-parenting practices with your spouse
  • Comply with any court-ordered injunctions and restrictions

What are the don’ts of a divorce?

It is important to know that the following behavior can hurt you in a number of major ways:

  • Keeping information from your attorney
  • Posting anything on social media that can be used against you, especially regarding your divorce or disparaging posts about your ex
  • Withholding court-ordered visitation from your spouse
  • Moving out of state with your children without permission from your spouse and/or the court
  • Starting another romantic relationship during the proceedings
  • Bringing a new significant other around your children or the court hearings
  • Getting pregnant or getting anyone pregnant
  • Removing children from their current school
  • Buying real estate or any extravagant items while the divorce is pending
  • Selling property without the court’s permission
  • Sending negative emails, texts, messages, etc. to your spouse
  • Increasing your debt while the divorce is pending
  • Giving large contributions to anyone during the proceedings
  • Discussing the case with your children or use them as intermediaries. In the same vein, refrain from criticizing your spouse in front of your children

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