What happens to a visitation arrangement when I move?

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When there is a sole custody agreement in place, there may also be a visitation arrangement made so the noncustodial parent has a chance to spend time with their child. Visitation arrangements are important to allow the noncustodial parent the opportunity to foster a meaningful relationship with their child, even though they don’t spend nearly as much time with them as the custodial parent does.

If the custodial parent makes the decision to move away, it can be heartbreaking for the other parent. They already have such limited time with the child that the fear of losing more time can be devastating. When it comes time to go to court over the matter, you may want to request a shifted visitation schedule. This can also apply in shared custody situations (as opposed to just sole custody) where the custodial parent moves away.

You do have the option to make a case as to why you believe the custodial parent should not be allowed to move away with the child. If the court tells the custodial parent they are permitted to move away, you do have options. Since you won’t be able to see your child on the weekends anymore, perhaps you should request that the child spends their summer vacations with you. You may request that the child gets to spend certain holidays with you as well. Of course, everyone’s situation is different so contact an attorney who can assist you.

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