Holistic Divorce Planning in New York

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Divorce planning in New York takes various aspects of a person’s life into consideration.  Holistic divorce planning in New York will consider all of the following:


Divorce can have a significant economic impact on you and your children.  Child support may not always be forthcoming and spousal support is not ordered in every case.  A financial planner can help you figure out a post-divorce budget to help you stay on track.


Divorce is a difficult emotional process to go through.  It may require time with a therapist to sort out the difficult emotions.  Children may also require some additional mental health assistance to help them overcome their difficult feelings.


You want to be a good parent to your children.  A divorce lawyer or mediator can explain ways that you can be a good parent and shield your children from the difficulties of divorce as much as possible.


For parents who have been out of work for some time, it is critical to consider how to reintegrate back into the workforce.  Even if a spouse has been working, it is important to consider whether this profession will yield adequate income for the household after the divorce.  Retraining or continuing education may be necessary.

Support System 

It is important for divorcing parties to have friends and family that they can lean on when times are difficult.  Planning for divorce will require you to carefully consider who your friends are and which relationships may be negatively affected by the divorce.

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