How much child support will I have to pay in New York?

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When parents in New York State get divorced, they will have to address the matter of child support so the child or children can continue to have the same quality of life after the divorce that they had while the parents were still married. The parent that will have to pay child support is the noncustodial parent. One of the questions that the noncustodial parent often asks is how much they will have to pay for child support in New York State.

Like anything else, the amount that a noncustodial parent will have to pay is different for each person’s situation. While there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration when it comes to determining a child support obligation, the court will look towards the number of children that the parent will have to provide support for.

If the parent has to provide support for one child, they will have to pay 17 percent of the combined income of both parents. Support for two children will be 25 percent of the combined income. Support for three children will be 29 percent of the combined income. The parent will have to pay 31 percent of the combined income for four children and for five or more children, they will have to pay at least 35 percent.

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