Is One Time of Year More Common to File for Divorce Than Another?

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While every divorce is different from one another, research shows there are different times during the year in which divorce rates tend to spike. While there is generally a drop in filings at the end of each year, they tend to spike afterward when a new year begins. The spike is significant enough to have earned the month of January the nickname “Divorce Month” by some. Individuals who are thinking about filing for divorce should contact an experienced New York divorce attorney during this time. 

Why is January a Common Time to File for Divorce?

In 2019, a Google Trend showed that the word “divorce” was most commonly searched from January 6 to January 12. Often times, the beginning of the year is used by people as a fresh start to do things differently in order to change their life. This is done by setting resolutions with the intention to better themselves. This can include filing for divorce to end an unhappy marriage. This contributes to the rise in divorce filings during the month of January rather than other times during the year. 

Spouses also sometimes want to wait until the end of the holidays to file for divorce. This is so that what is supposed to be a joyous time of year is not ruined. During this time of year, a spouse may have certain expectations of happy times in the hopes that things will be different. However, if they feel let down and their expectations are not met, they see it as the last straw and choose to file for divorce in the new year. In addition to this, couples that have children may wait to file for divorce so that they can give their children the last holiday season together as a family. 

Other Common Times to File

Outside of January, there are also other spikes in divorce throughout the year. This can be seen in July and August. Summer is also another time where divorce is seen because some parents choose to end their marriage before their children start school for the year. Filing for divorce at this time can allow a parent to move and change the child’s school district without having to move them in the middle of the year. 

If you are considering filing for divorce, do not let yourself be swayed by outside influences such as statistics. The choice to end a marriage is a personal matter and it is not an easy one. This decision should only be made when you are ready and feel the time is right for you. If you believe it is time, contact a divorce attorney today to file for divorce.

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