Why You Need a Family Law Attorney in Bohemia NY on Your Side

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A family law attorney in Bohemia New York serves many roles.  While a major role that he or she plays is to represent the client in court, a family law attorney in Bohemia New York can be retained for any number of reasons, including:

Explanation of Rights

Individuals often consult with family law attorneys because they are confused about their rights.  A father of a child born out of wedlock may be kept away from his child, a person may be going to jail soon and wonder if he or she is entitled to any type of visitation or grandparents may be concerned about losing contact with a grandchild after a divorce.  A family law attorney can explain New York’s laws and the individual’s rights in the given situation.

Assessment of a Case

In other situations, a person may want a lawyer’s seasoned and professional opinion regarding the strength of a case.  After receiving this evaluation from someone familiar with New York’s laws and court system, a person can often make a more informed decision about how he or she wishes to proceed with a case.  In many situations, it is preferred to go through mediation rather than pursue a long and costly court battle.


The vast majority of cases are not decided in a courtroom.  Even if they begin in that direction, many parties are able to negotiate the terms of their divorce or child custody case.  A lawyer can help negotiate on his or her client’s behalf to ensure that his or her interests are met.

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