When You Need a Legal Separation Attorney in East Islip NY

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Although it is possible to have a legal separation without the assistance of a legal separation attorney in East Islip New York, it is not advisable.   It is easy to miss a deadline or to fail to follow a procedure that can put your case in jeopardy.   Additionally, many separation agreements eventually are adapted into divorce orders, making the terms in these agreements paramount.   Consider retaining the services of a legal separation attorney in East Islip New York in the following circumstances:

Your Spouse Has Retained an Attorney

Generally, each spouse should be represented by independent legal counsel.   Do not expect your spouse’s attorney to explain information to you or protect your rights.   Your spouse’s attorney’s job is to protect your spouse, not you.   It is important that you be on equal footing, so strongly consider getting an attorney if your spouse has already retained one.

There Are Disagreement about the Children

If you have children, it is important to protect your parental rights.   If you and your spouse do not agree on what to do with the children in the interim, a legal separation attorney can help negotiate an agreement or request a hearing on the matter.

There Are Complicated Financial Issues

A legal separation attorney can be an invaluable resource when complicated financial or property are involved in the case.   He or she can request certain orders be made to protect your financial interests during the time of separation.

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