Need for a NY Divorce Attorney when Financial Disparity Involved

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Although all cases often warrant enlisting the help of a New York divorce attorney, this need is even more pronounced when there is financial disparity between the parties.  When one party has significantly more assets or income or has handled the finances, he or she may have the incentive to try to keep the other spouse in the dark during divorce.  A New York divorce attorney can help uncover important financial information so that the less-involved spouse is not left in the dark.

When one spouse has always handled the finances, this spouse usually has an unfair advantage when the spouses are negotiating a settlement.  However, there are ways to stop such strategies in their track.  One way is for the less aware spouse to gather information before he or she suspects a divorce is impending or before filing for divorce.  It is often much easier to acquire this information when the spouses believe that they are allies and not adversaries.  Simply making some copies and keeping them with an attorney can help preserve important information.  Spouses may wish to gather account statements, tax returns, credit card statements and other documents that provide clarity of their financial picture.

If a spouse is afraid that the one with more financial knowledge may sell assets or otherwise try to hide them, he or she can discuss the possibility of seeking a restraining order to prevent such action.  A lawyer can provide additional recommendations on how to protect assets.

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