How to Prepare for a No Fault Divorce in New York

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In a no fault divorce in New York, the parties agree that neither party is to blame for the divorce.  In some cases, these may be contested cases while in other cases they may be uncontested.  In either event, there are certain steps that the parties must take to prepare for a no fault divorce in New York.

Disclose Financial Information

While one party may have taken on a more prominent role regarding the couple’s finances, it is important that both parties have accurate financial information during the divorce process.  Hiding assets or documents that can provide greater knowledge of the couple’s financial state can often result in negative consequences to the spouse hiding these things.  Additionally, it creates mistrust during a time when cooperation can help resolve the case more quickly and with less hassle.  The party who has more access to financial information should freely share this information during the divorce process with his or her divorce attorney who can then provide the necessary information before it is requested of him or her.

Be Ready to Negotiate

It is also important that spouses be ready to negotiate through the divorce.  Most divorces result in settlement.  Each spouse should take time to consider what he or she wants out of the divorce and share this information with his or her respective attorney.  This may include information about how the property is divided, child custody, support obligations or other matters.  By clearly thinking through the possibilities, the parties will be better prepared to tackle these conversations.

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