Protecting the Kids with a No Fault Divorce in Hauppauge NY

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Many parents try to protect their children as much as possible from the stress and heartache of divorce, but in many contested divorce cases, the children inevitably become involved in the dispute. In many cases, children pick up on the stress their parents feel as they battle a contested divorce. To protect the children, many parents instead seek a no fault divorce in Hauppauge New York. A no fault divorce in Hauppauge New York does not focus on which party was responsible for the breakdown of the marriage.

During a fault-based divorce, such as one based on adultery, physical abuse, or substance abuse, the parties spend a significant amount of time and money as they attempt to support and defend these claims. Evidence must be gathered, and witnesses may be called to testify in a trial about these issues. Clearly, these disputes can become very heated. A Guardian ad Litem may step in to make important decisions for the children, and they may not understand why a stranger is asking them about their parents. Plus, the evidence and testimony submitted at any hearings or trials becomes public record, meaning that the children may be able to peruse court documents later.

In contrast, a no fault divorce does not focus on rights and wrongs. Instead, the parents agree that the marriage has suffered irreparable harm, and they spend time working out the details of their case instead of assigning blame. These divorces are usually much more civil, benefiting the children tremendously.

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