Regaining Lost Parenting Time Due to COVID-19 in New York

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have experienced a variety of changes in their everyday lives. For many families of divorce, this has impacted their ability to see their children. Stay at home orders have kept some parents from being able to fulfill their parenting time. However, it is important to know that there are ways this time can be regained moving forward. Continue reading below to learn more.

Ask Your Ex For Additional Time

One way that parenting time may be regained is through simply asking the other co-parent for more time with your child. Many parents are surprised at how willing they will be to the idea. This may be made possible through additional weekends or nights with the child in upcoming weeks or months. When asking for this time, it is important to be respectful and be prepared for the possibility of negotiating.

Work Out Mutual Social Distancing Parenting Time

The biggest concern is the well-being of their child. This is especially so in recent times, calling many parents to need certain reassurance regarding the safety of their child when with their other parent. It is because of this that many co-parents can benefit from a “social distancing” contract that outlines how they will both follow CDC and local health guidelines. This gives them both peace of mind knowing they are doing what is best to keep the child safe.

Have More Virtual Time

Many families are currently benefiting from the use of technology during their time at home due to the pandemic. This can be useful for parents who are missing time with their children. While it does not replace the value of physical time, parents can video chat, play online games, watch movies, and more with their child.

Modify a Parenting Time Plan

If parents agree regarding any changes in their custody and parenting time arrangements, make sure they are put in writing. This should be done no matter how small they are. Once the changes are outlined, have them reviewed by an attorney before signing anything. 

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