Restraining Orders in New York

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Unfortunately, when a relationship turns sour, one party may act completely out of line and begin making the other person feel unsafe or actually go forth to commit acts of domestic violence. In a situation where your safety is put at risk, it is important to consider your legal options. It is important to be aware that domestic violence can encompass many more forms of abuse than just physical. It can also include harassment, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and more. One way to protect yourself from any form of abuse is through a restraining order.

Orders of Protection

When a person obtains an order of protection against another, it will ensure them that the other person cannot contact them or show up at their home or place of employment. Restraining orders may sometimes include that the individual may not have any contact with the person’s children either, depending on the situation. The court may initially grant a temporary order of protection but may eventually determine that the situation calls for a permanent order of protection if it is believed that the abuser is still a threat.

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