Saving Money by Hiring a New York Divorce Mediator

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It is no secret that divorce is expensive.  The income that was used to sustain one household must now be split to provide for two households.  Additionally, legal expenses can be daunting.  Many couples stay together because they simply cannot afford a divorce.  However, there are alternatives to staying in an unfilled marriage, such as using a New York divorce mediator.  A New York divorce mediator can help spouses who share the emotional goal of maintain a positive relationship for their own future as well as that of their children.

The sooner that a mediator gets involved, the more money the spouses can usually save.  This is because mediation often helps avoid litigation, which is quite expensive.  Litigation may mean discovery which may require more billable hours by the attorneys representing each party.  Additionally, court costs must be paid and attorneys charge for their time in court and in preparation for court.  Experts may have to be retained to support the position of each spouse, such as an accountant, therapist or other individual.  Even if the court rules in favor of one of the parties, more litigation costs may arise if there is conflict in the future.

In contrast, mediation involves a third party neutral who is trained in conflict resolution.  The mediator’s fee is usually divided between the parties.  If a settlement is reached in mediation, the parties’ lawyers present it to the court for its approval, saving substantial amounts of time and money.

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