What should I do when I am served divorce papers?

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One of the most overwhelming situations a person may find themselves in is unexpectedly being served a summons for divorce. This can be an incredibly emotional experience and many people simply have no idea what to do. Your first step, above anything else, is to call an experienced divorce attorney. You should do this as soon as possible. It is important that you retain the services of a divorce attorney immediately upon receiving the summons for divorce because, in New York State, you have to answer the summons within 20 days of receiving it.

Your divorce attorney can guide you through this process and hopefully, relieve some of your stress. When you go to your first appointment with your attorney, you can take the time to sit down and review all of the facts of your case. You will discuss what options might be best for you going forward. Your attorney can help you determine if your divorce is contested right from the start. For example, if you don’t want to get a divorce or your disagree about what the grounds for the divorce actually are, it is contested. Once you agree that the divorce is going to happen and determine what type of divorce you will have, the process truly begins. Your divorce can be handled in a court of law as a litigated matter or it can take place through some form of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation.

If you have been serviced a summons, you should contact a divorce attorney as soon as possible.

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