Should I Get A Divorce If My Spouse Has A Substance Abuse Problem?

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A spouse with a substance abuse problem can be difficult to deal with. One who will not go through rehab or take other steps to be a good partner and parent often needs to be divorced. If you have exhausted other options, you have to think of your own safety and well-being now. You should talk to our Suffolk County, Long Island divorce lawyers.

What Should I Do If I Think My Spouse Has a Substance Abuse Problem?

Substance abuse changes people, and that means that it often changes how they behave. You might notice new personality details or that they have changed the way that they approach money. There could be many reasons for one or two personality changes, like stress at work, but substance abuse often comes packaged with multiple changes that can make someone more difficult to deal with. You may notice:

  • A decline in their outward appearance
  • Sudden money problems
  • They no longer participate in activities they once enjoyed
  • Their personality has changed
  • They are paranoid
  • They struggle to pay their portion of family bills
  • They drastically change their habits
  • Their sleeping schedule has suffered

If you notice multiple indicators like this, that could be a sign of a problem.

Can I Divorce My Spouse for Substance Abuse?

You can decide to divorce your spouse due to their substance abuse. You can try to work with them to get the help they need first, and many couples do go through this. However, your spouse needs to be willing to help themselves. If they are not there yet, there is not much that you can do.

You also have to think of your own safety and the safety of your kids. If your spouse is suddenly becoming violent or rageful due to the drugs that they take, that is a situation you need to get out of as soon as you can. Filing for divorce and letting your attorney take things from here can be your best bet.

How Can I Keep My Children Safe During the Divorce?

A divorce can be stressful for your kids too. This can be especially true in a divorce based on substance abuse. Most children pick up on more than you would expect during a divorce, so do not try and sugarcoat anything. Instead, be honest with them and let them know what is happening between you can your spouse.

You should also consider enrolling yourself and your children in family therapy. You can go to sessions together or alone, but we think that therapy could be useful for everyone. It may even be worthwhile to try and get your former spouse to commit to sessions of their own.

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