The Necessary Key Financial Divorce Records

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Even in today’s digital world, divorce is a process that is very heavy on documentation. No matter how cooperative a couple is, the court requires a huge amount of documentation to approve a separation agreement and issue a divorce decree. Anyone seeking a divorce needs to be aware of the key financial divorce records they may be required to supply to the court, and begin the process of gathering and organizing them as soon as possible once the decision to seek a divorce is reached.

Key Records

Most of the documents the court requires are financial in nature, to assist with the equitable division of assets. Be prepared to provide all of the following documents; failure to do so can result in a court order, or your spouse accusing you of hiding assets.

Tax Documents: Personal tax returns, business tax returns, W-2 forms, and property tax bills.

Income documents: Bank statements, pension reports, Social Security reports, insurance policies, leases, brokerage account statements, stock option reports, certificates of deposit, and benefits received from insurance, Social Security, unemployment insurance or pensions.

Property Documents: Appraisals, deeds, mortgages, and vehicle titles.

Debt Documents: A full Listing of debts, loan applications, credit card statements, leases, student loan disbursement statements, credit reports, and a listing of property sold or gifted in three prior years.

Other asset and debt documentation: Wills and trusts, frequent-flyer miles, information about payments for daycare, cleaners and babysitters, canceled checks, listing of safe-deposit box contents, and partnership records.

These nearly thirty documents will have to be supplied. Work with your attorney to ensure this is done.

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