What Are Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce?

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If you are in the process of preparing yourself for a divorce, you should take some time to review common mistakes, which might become an obstacle for you during the proceedings. Even a small error can be very costly when it comes to your relationship with your children or your ability to keep food on the table. Be attentive to these well-known problems and you’ll find yourself equipped. You’ll be more able to negotiate strongly, fairly, and civilly with your ex on issues sensitive like asset division and child custody. Of course, before you even start the divorce proceedings, you should be sure to touch base with a knowledgeable Suffolk County divorce attorney.

What Should I Do in a Divorce?

Plan Appropriately and Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

As your divorce gets closer day by day to its conclusion, you should maintain honest and open communication with your lawyer. Keep a list of your most important goals in terms of wins and settlements. Up-to-date financial records are also incredibly useful for deciding what kind of negotiating tactics might be best, what you should be aiming for, and documenting your financial situation should the court need to step in and decide for you and your ex.

Be sure to also keep those goals reasonable. If you start out genuinely expecting a huge landfall, you’ll have a harder time during negotiations should it turn out that you need to make compromises.

Legal representation is an important part of careful planning, so you’ll want to contact a divorce attorney as soon as you can. Having experienced counsel can make all the difference on such vital topics as child support and alimony.

Financially Plan for Post-Divorce Life

Be very attentive to your bank receipts if you have one or more joint accounts with your ex. You and your ex will still need to coordinate on some financial decisions, particularly if you have children, but your best bet is to maintain your own separate bank account you can use for your finances and expenses. Furthermore, a joint banking account might tempt your ex to steal your assets. Your attorney will be in the best position to advise you on this and other kinds of questions.

What Mistakes Should I Avoid During a Divorce?

Don’t Get into Debt

Related to the prior, if you are still in the middle of your divorce proceedings, try as much as you can to avoid falling into debt. Lawyer fees, court costs, and asset division with your former spouse are all considerable expenses, and you’ll want to make sure you’ve budgeted appropriately. Once the divorce has been finalized, you’ll have a more accurate idea of your finances.

Remember: You’re Here to Negotiate, not Torment

Depending on the nature of your divorce and the preceding relationship, it can be very tempting to want to make your ex suffer. You might want to hire an aggressive attorney who will push hard on every point until your ex and their counsel concede.

Do your best to avoid this. While you shouldn’t rush your divorce, it will be a hit to your wallet if the proceedings are long and drawn out. Moreover, a long divorce tends to be emotionally exhausting for our children as much as ourselves.

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