What do I do if I Need Extra Child Care During Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Orders?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused life to change in several ways, including the temporary closure of schools in New York. This has left many families to adjust to taking care of their children 24/7. For parents who are divorced, this can be even more difficult as one parent may be required to provide child care on their own. During this time, it is important for them to know that there are options available if they need help providing child care.

How Can I Receive Help With Child Care?

Parents who need extra help with child care during the Coronavirus stay-at-home orders in New York should go back to their divorce settlement agreement. Within this document should be a plan for how both parents chose to provide child care after their divorce. Typically, child care during work hours for a working primary residential parent is a mandatory statutory add-on for child support. However, some parents choose to opt out or there may be no primary residential parent. Usually, those who split parenting time 50/50 will agree to handle each other’s child care while the other parent is at work. 

When dealing with sensitive matters such as family law, it is important to remember that we are currently living in unprecedented times. The current circumstances in New York may prevent some parents from being able to assist with child care. In order to adjust to these situations, parents can apply for a modification of their settlement agreement so they may be reimbursed for child care costs during this time. 

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