What Do I Do If I’ve Been Served Divorce Papers?

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Getting served with divorce papers can be a stressful experience. We understand that you are likely experiencing a whirlwind of emotions and plenty of other difficulties. That is why we want to assist you right now. Our Nassau County divorce lawyers can help you respond to the papers and argue for better terms in your divorce.

What Should My Next Step Be?

After you have been served with divorce papers you should respond so that you can have a seat at the table when the terms of the divorce are being decided. We recommend that you:

  • Read over everything carefully
  • File your response paperwork, including a notice of appearance and a verified answer
  • Get any relevant documents in order

Then we suggest hiring a divorce attorney, especially if this is going to be a contested divorce where there could be a disagreement about important things like alimony or child custody.

What Happens if I Do Nothing After Receiving Divorce Papers?

If you do nothing after receiving divorce papers, the process simply goes on without you. The court can issue a default judgment, which basically just means that they are taking your spouse at their word and giving them what they have asked for in the divorce.

What Should I Avoid Doing If I Have Been Served Divorce Papers?

There are some things that you should not do after you are served. Some bad ideas include:

Venting indiscriminately: This is a stressful time, but venting to everybody you know about this is generally ill-advised. If someone was friends with you and your spouse, you are just creating an unpleasant situation for everyone. Try talking to some particularly close friends you know you can rely on.

Badmouthing your spouse: Talking badly about your spouse can seem cathartic, but it really is not going to help matters.

Talking about your spouse in front of your children: Your children do not need to be brought into this. Just do your best to protect them at every stage of this process and stay as positive as you can. It is likely that they will remember how you behaved during this time.

Do I Need an Attorney?

An attorney can do many things to make this process easier. They can:

  • File relevant paperwork before deadlines expire
  • Request documents from your spouse and their lawyer
  • Make copies of documents and send them to your spouse’s attorney
  • Answer any questions you have
  • Help you fight for better arrangements for child custody, property distribution, and alimony

You have a lot to deal with after being served with divorce papers. Let us take some of the work off of your hands.

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You do not need to go through this process alone. Let one of our experienced divorce attorneys guide you through this and help you fight for the best possible outcomes. Call Peter V. Mandi & Associates, Inc. and schedule a consultation today. We would love to tell you more about how we can be of service to you.

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