What Documents Should I Take to My Initial Consultation With a Divorce Lawyer?

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Your first meeting with a divorce lawyer is important. You can get a lot done and make it clear exactly what you are looking for from a divorce agreement, as long as you properly prepare for it. Part of that preparation is ensuring that you have the right documents with you when you go in for that initial consultation. Let’s look at some of the things that you should bring with you when you meet with one of our Nassau County divorce lawyers for the first time.

What Do I Bring to My Initial Consultation?

There are a few documents that you should definitely try to bring with you to your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer. We recommend that you have:

Your marriage license: If you want to get divorced, you need to have proof that you are legally married.

Financial documents: Tax returns, pay stubs, and anything else that can tell us about your current income are great. If you have statements from bank or retirement accounts, those are useful too.

Information about debts: Married couples have assets that need to be split up in a divorce, but they often have debts to deal with as well. If you have paperwork relating to a mortgage, a car loan, or something similar, bring those documents with you.

Any other legal documents relating to your marriage: Any other paperwork relating to your marriage and divorce should be brought to your initial consultation. This can include any divorce documents already filed or evidence that you plan to hold against your spouse, like a restraining order.

What If I Have My Own Business?

If you have your own business, we also recommend that you bring any paperwork related to that business and its income, assets, and debt. Your business could be considered a marital property, which means that we need to know about it before the property distribution process can begin.

If you believe that your business should be considered a separate property and not a marital one, it is also good to bring this up now. We can work on ways to defend your business and help you keep the company that you built up on your own.

Can I Ask Questions at My Initial Consultation?

Of course. It can seem like an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer is flying by quickly but do not hesitate to ask questions. The more informed you are about your rights and the divorce process, the better. If you are worried that you will not remember all of the questions that you want to ask, write them down on a notepad and bring that in with the rest of your paperwork.

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