What Should I Know About Divorcing a Gambling Addict?

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Going through a divorce can be difficult for anyone, but going through a divorce when your spouse has an issue like gambling addiction can be even more difficult. You can be sympathetic to your spouse’s problems, but you also have to protect yourself. Here is what you should know about divorcing a gambling addict and why you should have our Nassau County divorce lawyers on your side.

What Are Some Signs of Gambling Addiction?

If your spouse is addicted to gambling, there will probably be some changes in their behavior or attitude. Common signs of trouble look like:

  • A preoccupation with gambling that replaces focus on any other habits or activities
  • An inability to stop gambling
  • The desire to keep playing to win back money lost
  • The use of gambling as a coping mechanism for anxiety or depression
  • Lies about their habit
  • Missing money or items

If this habit begins to affect your financial situation and your spouse has no desire to change, you have to act.

Can My Spouse’s Gambling Affect Property Distribution?

Most of the time, the courts aim to split up property in an equitable manner. The behavior of either spouse is not really factored in here, even if one engaged in actions like adultery. However, sometimes a spouse can be punished during this process if it looks like they have wasted marital assets. If your spouse gambled away a significant sum of your shared money, you could end up getting more property in the divorce.

Debts are also split up during the property distribution process. Does this mean that you will have to pay your spouse’s gambling debts? You and your lawyer can argue that this debt that they racked up should not be considered marital debt. In many cases, you should only have to worry about the other debt you held during your marriage, like a car loan or bill on a joint credit card.

What Do I Need to Do Before Divorcing a Spouse With a Gambling Problem?

If you plan to divorce a spouse with a gambling problem, you have to get organized. Take stock of your financial documents and get ready to show an attorney how your spouse has wasted money. This can help you when property is divided up later.

It may also be a good idea to get a copy of your credit report. Be sure that your spouse has not taken out any credit cards or loans in your name.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Divorces are always difficult, but a divorce from a gambling addict can come with its own unique problems. A partner with such an addiction might be uncooperative or they might hide assets. A lawyer can help you deal with issues like these and any other problems that pop up.

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