What to Avoid in a Divorce Attorney in Patchogue New York

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If you are searching for a divorce attorney in Patchogue New York, you have probably been given some advice about what you should look for in an attorney. However, what traits should you avoid in a divorce attorney in Patchogue New York?

First, if you meet with an attorney to discuss representation, you should immediately dismiss those who appear uninterested or bored with your case. This also goes for those who seem to think your concerns are unnecessary or frivolous. If you hire an attorney who does not take your worries seriously, your case may suffer.

Also, make sure that the attorney you meet with will actually be the attorney working on your case. Many firms have one attorney meet with potential clients in the consultations, but another attorney actually represents the clients on a case. Many clients are unpleasantly surprised by such a switch.

Ask the attorneys about their office procedures. For example, will you be able to email them with questions? Will you be able to get in touch with them fairly easily? Many attorneys route all emails and calls through a paralegal or legal assistant. Though this practice works in many firms, many clients prefer to speak directly with the attorney they have hired.

Your state bar association should also have records of disciplinary action against attorneys. Be sure to look up attorneys you are considering to ensure they have not been in major trouble with the state bar association, as this could be a red flag.

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