What To Do When Your New York Child Custody Agreement Isn’t Working

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The one constant in the world is change. Even if your situation and relationship with your former spouse is a sane and rational one, there are many reasons why you might need to pursue a change to your child custody agreement. No doubt your children are incredibly important to you, and the custody arrangement you agreed to initially was designed with their best interests in mind. If it no longer serves their interests as well as possible, however, you need to consider petitioning for a change – and that means contacting an experienced Hauppauge divorce attorney for assistance.

Reasons for a Change

The key thing your divorce attorney in Hauppauge will help you do is ensure that your reasoning for requesting a change in your child custody agreement is one the court will accept. In general, child custody agreements are always predicated on the best interests of the child, and common reasons for their re-examination and alteration include

  • You or your former spouse have moved or will move to a new location
  • A desire to spend more time with your children
  • A change in work status or schedule requires a change in visitation

Your attorney can help you cast your request in terms of the child’s best interests – which certainly include spending more time with their parent or better-quality time due to a more convenient schedule, or, in the case of one or the other parent moving away, ensuring that contact can be maintained. However, an attorney’s assistance is crucial in crafting the language and making certain that nothing is overlooked or misconstrued.

It is generally possible to change child custody arrangements if they are no longer workable, as long as the right strategy is followed.

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