What You Should Know About Stepparent Adoption in New York

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It has been said that stepparents and stepchildren are brought together by choice and strengthened by love. If you have found this to be true and would like to become your stepchild’s legal parent, please read on, then contact an experienced Bohemia adoption lawyer to learn what you should know about stepparent adoption in New York.

The basics of stepparent adoption in New York

A stepparent’s adoption of a stepchild is one of the most common forms of adoption. If a stepparent adopts the stepchild, he or she becomes a legal parent to the child in every way. Afterward, you will have the legal right to make the following decisions:

  • What kind of medical care the child will receive
  • Which school the child will attend
  • What religion the child will practice
  • The amount and quality of time spent with a harmful biological parent
  • Any other important decisions a biological parent would be able to make

Keep in mind, that as your stepchild’s legal parent, should you and the child’s biological parent divorce, you may have to pay child support.

How do you conduct a stepparent adoption in New York?

Stepparents wishing to become their stepchildren’s legal parent must have the consent or agreement of both their spouse and the other biological parent, usually the noncustodial parent, unless that parent has abandoned the child. By renouncing his or her parentage, the noncustodial parent relinquishes all legal rights and responsibilities, including, but not limited to, child support. If you provide the Family Court with sufficient reason, the court can also decide that it does not require the consent of the noncustodial parent in order to proceed. If the child is over 14, he or she will need to consent to the adoption. The stepparent will also have to undergo a background check to ensure they have no history of child abuse.

Why should you hire a family law attorney for a stepparent adoption in New York?

Hiring an attorney is not required to adopt a stepchild, but it is highly recommended. Sometimes, the noncustodial parent, despite being a toxic influence, will not relinquish custody of his or her biological child. In that instance, you will need to reach out to a skilled Suffolk County family law attorney. We will obtain and prepare the documents, witness statements and other evidence necessary to prove your case. If you want to demonstrate your ongoing devotion to your stepchild by becoming their legal parent, you will need quality legal representation.


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